Alsek River Valley Alaska photos -& about Alaska Fishing

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Photos of Alaska – alsek river valley : Beautiful Snow Mountains and the river near by. Download this at 1600 1200 resolution as wallpaper

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Image : alsek-river-valley-Alaska-photos

Info About Alaska Fishing :
Angling in Alaska can be incredible. Salmon runs are strong along our coasts, and there really are some giant halibut in Alaska waters. King salmon over 50 pounds are not at all uncommon. Grayling, rainbow trout and northern pike are easy to catch in many inland streams.And you can fish amid some of the most incredible scenery on the continent.Saltwater Safari To be sure, it’s not perfect. The productivity of most Alaska streams is not high in comparison with those in warmer climes. This means that some heavily fished streams do not quickly produce many large fish, particularly in the Interior. Large salmon runs compensate in many streams