Realistic 3d concepts

Pinned on January 27, 2010 by Sairu

Cool and Realistic 3d Art Work by iunewind.  one of the best 3d artist – working his time to attain the perfection and to create a master piece of the 3d model . out of his 3d design artworks my favorites are – color stadium , the mad golden  scorpion ,glowing lights from the camera & the spy mosquito .

Realistic 3d Designs art gallery

Realistic 3d models : 3d Golden Scorpion model

Flying colors or Capturing colors – glowing colors of Camera art work

Night watch Spy Mosquito3d Mosquito model – 3d art works

Valentine Red hearts – 3d model & illustration photoshop works

Credits & Courtesy – Iunewind’s 3d art work