Creative Pumpkin Carving

Pinned on January 26, 2010 by Sairu

Cute & creative pumpkin carving : i know this is not the core time for pumpkins carving , but i came a tiger carved on pumpkin – which made me add this art gallery . the peak time for this pumpkin carving will be during Halloween – may be i will be the first person to add pumpkin carving ideas  for this year ( much earlier … lol ).

Pumpkin Carving Art Gallery

Wolf carved on pumpkin

pumpkins carving – Glowing Tiger

Tribe carved on pumpkin

pumpkin carving – Scooby doo dog carved.

Halloween pumpkins carving

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amazing and mind blowing work – some of these pumpkins carving need too much patience to finish it. check out the other pumpkin carvings – the Chinese dragon , Naruto comic , Pokemon monster – little mermaid and more other art works .