African Wildlife pictures

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14  African Wildlife Pictures- Animals photography

14 African wildlife pictures
African Wildlife pictures – 14 HQ pictures African wildlife

Wildlife pictures – cheetah licking his paws on a tree – sunset evening

Wildlife pictures : 14 pictures of African wildlife . wildlife photography is not that much easy as other photography – coz we have to develop skills to understand animals and make a perfect shot . it needs field crafting skills and knowing the animal behavior he or she has to work on . some wildlife pictures can be taken moving along with them but pictures of some wildlife has to taken in a hidden way – the below set of wildlife pictures are from Jim Zuckerman


Fox having his brench – Arfican wildlife pictures 02

group of zebras grazing in Africa – bright sun background .


Giraffe pictures – giraffe having comfort on his back


African Elephants pictures – Two African elephants returning back at sunset


The fastest running animal African wildlife- cheetah pictures – cheetah licking his cub you know cheetah cant roar


clouded leopard pictures – African wildlife 08


African wildlife – Cheetah  pictures cheetah targeting on  prey


pictures od wildlife africa- Lions – lions are color blind – so they get confused when catching a zebra

African wildlife zebra pictures

About Jim Zuckerman Photography & his Wildlife pictures Nice wildlife pictures from Jim Zuckerman . he left his mechanical studies in 1970 due to his passion in photography and now he made it as his carreer and going smooth and great . now jim zuckerman is teaching photography online and at some universities –  he is teaching online photography for betterphoto . his photos are sold in more than 40 countries and his pictures are published in lots of photographic magazines  , calenders and more.. . link to jim zuckerman photography work – website