9 Facts About Alligators & Crococdiles – Animals pictures crocodile & alligator pics

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Alligators and Crocodiles pictures & facts : main differences between them which we can easily note- lies in their mouth part
Baby-Aligators-Running-In-The-Land-Along-With-Mother-Aligator-Pictures.Jpg   After-The-Meals-A-Smile-Is-Good-Wild-Aligators-Pictures.Jpg   Aligator-In-Closeup-With-Blue-Sky-In-Backgrounds-Animals-Pictures.Jpg   Pics-Animals-Clearly-Visible-Teeths-And-Jaw-Crococile-Pictures.Jpg   Animals-In-Water-Crocodile-Jumping-In-Water-Crocodile-Pictures.Jpg   Aligator-At-The-Museum-Animals-Pictures.Jpg   Wide-Open-For-The-Camera-Huge-Aligators-Pictures.Jpg   Marsh-Crocodile-Mostly-Found-In-India-Crococile-Pictures.Jpg

Crocodile : crocodile have broad snout & atleast one teeth is clearly visible on either side of the mouth even though the jaws of the crococdile is tightly closed

Alligators : Alligators Have long Snout and teeth gets compactly closed inside mouth with the jaws are closed – may be visible are brisiles of teeths on either side

Crocodile Pictures & Alligator Pictures : Baby Alligators running in the land along with mother aligator – Poor little florida soft shell turtle feast for aligator – Burp poor creature florida softshell turtle at the hell bad Alligators – Aligator resting on a wood floating by the riverside – animals having rest at the river side Huge aligator

Animals-Walking-Across-The-Wooden-Bridge-Aligators-Pictures.Jpg   Taking-A-Sunbath-After-A-Long-Time-In-Water-Aligators-Pictures.Jpg   Big-Fat-Guy-Wicked-Eye-Fat-Old-Crocodile-Pictures.Jpg   Dolars-Inside-A-Crocodile-Mouth-And-A-Man-Head-Too-Crocodile-Pictures.Jpg   Animals-Having-Rest-At-The-River-Side-Huge-Aligator-Pictures.Jpg   Aligator-Resting-On-A-Wood-Floating-By-The-Riverside-Pictures.Jpg   Burp-Poor-Creature-Florida-Softshell-Turtle-At-The-Hell-Bad-Aligators-Pictures.Jpg   Two-American-Aligator-At-The-Zoo-Animals-Pictures.Jpg   Pictures-Crocodile-Mouth-Wide-Open-In-The-Water.Jpg   Animals-Feed-A-Man-Feeding-A-Crocodile-Pictures.Jpg   Poor-Little-Florida-Soft-Shell-Turtle-Feast-For-Aligator-Pictures.Jpg

Taking a sunbath after a long time in water -Alligators – Aligator in Closeup with blue sky in backgrounds animals – After the meals a smile is good Wild Alligators – Wide open for the camera Huge Alligators – Aligator at the museum animals – Animals walking across the wooden bridge Alligators

Crocodile facts9 facts about crocodile – salt water crocodiles

  1. Crocodiles are the reptiles with four chambered heart
  2. Crocodile’s tail is much stronger made with 3 levels of musscles
  3. Crocodiles ( Nile crocodiles ) can open their mouth wide open and can even smash the turtles shell
  4. Unbelievable powerful jaws  their jaws produce a smashing force upto 2500 pounds (  more than fox , white sharks and snakes )
  5. one of the fact about crocodiles they are blind in water but sharp and clear vision above water
  6. The crocodiles are cold blooded animals which can even live upto 1year without food
  7. Crocodiles Facts – crocodiles  have a  hunting technique their movement in water create waves which wont alert the prey about their approch
  8. their body temperature remains constant even though the climatic condition changes ( perfectly measured with two receivers – one in crocodiles stomach and another tield to a tree to measure outer temperature this was conducted for ten days – the result they havea stable temperature in body)
  9. crocodile senses the size of the prey with the waves in the water itself