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boa constrictor snakes : boas are live bearing reproduction constrictor snakes – with most resemblances like lizards . there  are  also egg laying pythons belong to the family .

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rattle snake pictures prairie coiled

something about Tiber rattle snakes : timber rattle snakes are something similar to diamond back rattle snakes with 60 inches in length and elliptical eyes , keeled dorsal scales. these snakes mostly found in south Carolina . these lengthy venomous snakes have gray squirrels & rodents as their main food . they can climb trees too. these snakes also have live bearing reproduction.

Something about Indian python snakes . python snakes are huge in appearance – these snakes are distributed in rain forest of India . even Indian rock pythons can be found rare in pet shops too ..

about rat snakes : these rat snakes are harmless egg laying snakes with weekly keeled dorsal scales and round eyes and rat snakes can grow up to 72 inches in length. these snakes bite on a careless handle – they freeze and coil when they feel encountering any danger – due to this they become victim of the situation.

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Rattlesnakepit viper snakes
About Queen snakes : queen snakes are harmless live bearing reproductive snakes with a average length of 24 inches with round eye pupil and keeled dorsal scales .

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milk snake harmless egg laying snakes pictures

About King snakes : types of snakes : eastern milk snakes , mole king snakes , eastern king snakes , scarlet king snakes . milk snakes have round eye pupil and smooth dorsal scales .these can grow Up to 36 inches in average . these are egg laying harmless snakes with spread in eastern united states and northern south Carolina. mole king snakes are also harmless and can grow upto 40 inches and they look light brown in color.eastern king snakes can grow up to 60inches in length . these snakes are harmless but they are much resistant and immune to venomous pit viper snakes . these snakes eat rodents, eggs , birds and poor turtles eggs.

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large grass snake pictures gallery

About Grass Snakes : these snakes are found along Europe and they are harmless snakes . ( means gras snakes are not venomous ). these grass snakes have a defense way of active dead and they rarely bite but sure they are not venomous.

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garter garden snake pictures harmless live bearing

Other name Garden snakes : Garter snakes are harmless live bearing snakes with round eye pupil and keeled dorsal scales with an average length of 26 inches. these garters theme on toads they love toads and they eat all kind of small livings.

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wild snakes pictures 033

Sea snakes  pictures Sea snakes pictures
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Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake pictures dangerously venomous Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake pictures dangerously venomous
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garter garden snakes Harmless Live Bearing garter garden snakes pictures Harmless Live Bearing

eastern corn snake pictures eastern corn snake pictures

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