Squirrel Pictures

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Different Types of Squirrels -Pictures of squirrels and habitat of these cute little animals : for more squirrel pictures scroll to bottom.

Squirrel Pictures

photos Squirrels chipmunks : chipmunks belong to the same family of squirrels most of the characters are same as squirrels . they have less fur over the body and the tail is slender rather than furry for those squirrels . chipmunks squirrels look so cute ( coz flying squirrels are not that much attractive like these chipmunks ).this cute picture of this chipmunk reminds me about a famous movie on chipmunks – Alvin and the chipmunks – 3 cute chipmunks that can sing  ( where we can have more pictures of these chipmunks movie and plot summary about that movie Alvin and the chipmunks)

Flying Squirrels :

Flying squirrel pictures – These squirrels belong to the order Rodentia. there are two types of flying squirrels – northern and southern flying squirrels . actually the squirrels don’t fly in real – they have some furry part between the legs and they use them to glide in the the air . they jump from higher part of tree and reach another tree at lower point and run fast behind the other part of that same tree to stay safe from predators . they make use of their body part as a parachute to slow down the movement while landing after a glide . flying squirrels make use of the carpenter ants holes or woodpeckers left over as their nest to stay . they mate once a year and the baby flying squirrel birth takes place by may to july with a hairless body and fused toes .

Grey squirrel :

Grey Squirrel pictures : these squirrels have a Grey colored body . but that’s not for all over the year – coz their body color changes to yellow brown in color during summer seasons. these gray squirrels mate twice a year and these type of female squirrels mating is kind different . they select their male squirrel by the one that chases and leads in a run after her at tree top after a sound produced by these Grey female squirrels . after the mating those male squirrels have no job in saving its pinkies ( babies) . the female squirrel they gives birth to 1 to 6 baby squirrels in a birth and these baby Grey squirrels are called as pinkies with fur less and closed eyed birth. fur grows as 3 weeks pass by and as 3 months over the kits or pups ( the baby squirrels ) leaves the nest . on winter season the male and female squirrel get together in a tree burrow or nest and on normal seasons they both have their own way.

Black Squirrel Pictures
Ground squirrels :

Ground squirrel pictures :As the name these are ground squirrels and different from the tree squirrels they run into their burrows to stay safe from predators rather run in to tree nests or something like those tree squirrels . ground squirrels dig different kind of burrows for different purposes . they dig small tunnel like dead end burrows to get safe from predators and nesting burrows for the females to give birth he baby Squirrels and some large hibernating burrows to store their food for hibernation period and for their stay. ground squirrels take a 5- 6 months of hibernation period with a wake up for once a week for some hours and back to hibernation . in case if the winter is not that much hard to sustain – then they wont hibernate . there are many types of ground squirrels around north America each of these ground squirrels have their own differences in habitat. types of ground squirrels : Richardson or Wyoming ground squirrels , franklin grounds squirrels , artic and thirteen lined ground squirrels , California , Colombian and rock ground squirrels – Townsend and Belding ground squirrels – the last one is the only mammal to have a lengthy hibernation period in north America.

Chipmunks pictures : squirrel eating nuts stuffing its mouth to the best it can .

Red Squirrel are type of Tree squirrels

Red squirrel pictures: it was said that these red squirrels were extinct in 1950 . but at 1970 they were found again and added to endangered species list in 1987 . these squirrels mate multiple times with multiple partners during march , April , august and September . but they avoid if food availability is low . in this kind of squirrels the males have to chase the female squirrels for one hour or more after these female red squirrels emit a smell to mate .female squirrels give birth to 5-8 baby squirrels with blind eyes and fur less body. these baby squirrels grows in the nest or den for some 3months and then they are on their own path

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