Art of photo retouching

Pinned on January 21, 2010 by Sairu

photo retouching : lovely and creative art work .
A mixed collection of portrait retouching and advertisements Digital retouching – 43 Pictures

Competition grows – solution finder ( creative Job advertisement – photo mixing and retouching )

How to rebuild – rebuilding the world ( start from the scratch – photo retouching of newton see more in the bottom gallery )

Do know painting and artwork – it is explained here ( building infra world photo art work )

Features  Explained at its end ( Creative advertisement digital art gallery – automobile photo retouched )
Rush hour and thrilling moments of Life ( rest retouched photos  added to the bottom gallery )

We are here to Help – Dating at the edge
Cool and explaining ads – ( Ants and bugs commercial ad – Digital art photo retouch )

photo retouching picture gallery :

Here is the master brain behind these ads and the next article’s ad designs – photo retoucher ( salamagica ) .