Digital Painting Artworks

Pinned on January 22, 2010 by Sairu

Art of Digital Painting – 16 Lovely and realistic Digital painting ( portrait painting & Illustration Designs ) – All these Art works are done by a Cris De lara , she is Brazilian Digital Painter and Illustration Designer . out of all these art work My Favorite is Actor Morgan freeman’s Digital portrait Painting – which is Ultimately Realistic and toned .Since the Loading Takes much Time – i have just added few in full version and others can be found in below Gallery – ( Sry for inconvenience )

Digital Painting : Portrait Painting and illustration Gallery


Photoshop and illustration Designs – Girl with Water Bubble up

Indiana Jones Caricatures –  painted Digital with basic Sketch up with a reference photo .
Courtest Cris De Lara

Digital painting & illustration Desings – Credits  Cris De Lara , Brazilian Digital painter .