Jung Hoon Lee’s Hot Hour Cold Minutes RUB FELL KNOW Concept

Pinned on August 25, 2011 by Sairu

Jung Hoon Lee has designed a Hot Watch with cool mins . keeping the visually impaired in mind lee has designed this watch . which has double check method to verify the correct time.


How the watch works – A Cool Concept Watch 

out if the two hands the hour hand is a large concave circle and the minute hand is a small convex circle this make is prefect to find out the correct time .

In addition to that this concept watch  also has a Design feature that the hour hand feels warmer and the minute hand is cool. as the hour hand feels warmer than the room temperature and the minute hand of the watch feels cool as it is around 12 Degree C . this makes it much easy for everyone to find the exact time with this vast difference in size and temperature.

Lee’s Portfolio http://www.coroflot.com/jeriel/portfolio-20111/15

Ref : rub feel know

Jung Lee’s  “RUB  FEEL KNOW” Concept Watch