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Laundry room storage & Cabinet Designs : everyone wants a clean , fresh and compact laundry room storage with more functionality – but mostly it ends as a messy room with heaps of cloths and unpleasant smell and not a pleasing design . let us now look into what are all the things that can make our laundry room to invite us for the work.the below set of pictures of laundry room storage & cabinet designs may help us to gather some design ideas for our home.

Suggestions on Laundry room Cabinets & Storage

1. Have two instead of one :
Instead of heaping cloths over the floor or on the machine try having a stylish basket or a closed air flow laundry bags , this could provide more room and workspace to feel spacious. even having two laundry bags can help you to sort out – which could bring a order management in the laundry room.

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 01
2.Let the iron board be Flat along:
Having the iron board wall mounted and fold able would make the laundry room more spacious and functional

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 02
3.Brighter is Spacious : flow of light throughout the Laundry room makes us to feel more spacious – coz if the place is dark we feel condensed and smaller , better to remove curtains at the window in the laundry room .we will have a fresh feel with our laundry room.keep the detergents , softeners and brush in the cabinets rather than using other room cabinets – as this would make you frustrate to move from room to room.

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 03

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 04
4.Have a Mild Touch : we may feel the room to be unpleasant and not fresh – try using room freshers with pleasant flowers smell rather than odd and artificial . believe me this changes the mood a lot and makes our mind to feel a soft touch

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 05

6.Make your laundry room lively & Greener : do your creative work on the over head laundry room cabinets this would bring life to the laundry room storage space and one more thing is special – since the art work is yours you will  never feel irritated to work when you have a look over ( we all love our creations form artwork to children too.. ). try green things in your laundry room like gradient green leaves plants in a mud pot ( that would be artistic – but it needs space ).

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 06

6.Rock on @ Laundry room: bring your music player or your favorite books or your i pod to the laundry room this would help you to relax while washing is on- this would stop you from postponing your laundry room & ironing work. this adds a smile to our face , as from now on the laundry room is no more a frustrating place to work on ( this was suggested by my friend – even i saw this in some y answers & sites ).

Laundry room storage Cabinet designs 07
Extras : use clothes rack for our ironed clothes to stay wrinkle free – use wall attached collapsible drying racks this would save you lot of space – as already said use two or more laundry bags to have compact and cute laundry room storage.

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