Lovely Graphic Illustration

Pinned on January 25, 2010 by Sairu

Creative illustration designs & lovely vector arts from – Ruslan Khasanov . I have already seen his Jessica alba Gradient art work ( Gradient mesh Portraits) – now i came across his other works . his hands in Digital illustration designs & photography – which made me write about him and add a showcase of this lovely artist’s portfolio .
Some thing about this illustration artist : a 22 year old – Young graphic design artist from Russia ( Yekaterinburg ). finished his bachelor Degree and specializing in visual Design & concept development ( I have Just added a small part ,  from this artist’s graphic design portfolio ).

Pictures of Jessica Alba ( Gradient Mesh Portraits )

Animal Photography & Photo Retouching ( Wild Life Photography )

Lovely Graphic Designs & Illustration art work

Digital Graphic Illustration Designs -( Vector Illustration art Gallery )

Digital Illustration Design
( Mammoth near a City )

Credits & courtesy : Ruslan Khasanov ( graphic design & illustration vector art )