Small bathroom remodel ideas

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how to remodel and decorate my small bathroom – to make my small bathroom look spacious and bigger than in real . we shall get in to steps for clearing space. we will be covering : wallpaper or painting colors for bathroom – bathroom tiles , fixtures – vanity cabinets &  storage replacement  , clutters – towel rods  change , tubs and bathroom sinks modifications , adding mirrors and powerful lighting for small bathrooms . please scroll down to see some bathroom design & layout pictures gallery .

Small bathroom ideas on remodeling

Painting colors and wallpaper for small bathroom :

Instead having dark color paints or busy wallpapers – having pearl white or neutral colors for painting will make our bathroom look spread and larger , even having a vertical lined wallapper with wallpaper border on top make our eyes move up and make our small bathroom look even more spacious . having light colored tiles in the bathroom visually add more space .

Remodeling Vanity cabinets & fixtures of bathroom :

replacing large vanity cabinets is a wise idea for a free access in bathrooms , it will be better we use the storage place some were else in our home . if we are sure we want the fixtures – vanity cabinets in our bathroom – make a choice of choosing them in pleasant light color – as it may feel the bathroom look larger than it is . remove the clutter from the bathroom.

Storage place and shelves Remodel :

having bulky hangings in the wall make the bathroom look even small . try having glass shelves – as they are almost invisible – we see as we have more space . having the towels here can also remove towel rods from bathroom.

Small bathroom sinks and tubs :

instead of having sharp solid shaped bath tubs and sinks – we can repalce them with curved corner sinks and tubs . as these are sleek and lovely and yes they surely give more access space in bathroom . having a wall mounting or pedestal sink in bathroom with create more floor space  . and more thing we can do is if we are using bath tubs in bathroom we can sell it do whatever and have in walk in shower – this provides the larger  space for our small bathroom

Mirrors & Lighting in bathroom :

Try adding a huge mirror in the bathroom – as they reflect it makes rhe small bathroom look doubled in space ( just a visual perception ) . also check if anti fog mirrors are possible with your bathroom remodeling budget – as you don’t have a closed feel after a warm shower . have a skylight to light up our bathroom – have energy effecient bulbs instead of usual ones – as they are brighter and even space and money savers .

Hope this above steps provide us some ideas on small bathroom remodeling and decoration .

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