Walking with Dinosaurs

Pinned on January 22, 2010 by Sairu

As the Title most of art work in this post is about Dinosaurs . Damir G martin has given Digital Rebirth for these extinct dinosaurs in his way of creativity. here i have also added his others works too ( on illustration design, photoshop re touching and his combustion works ). Actually he has named these 3D Dinosaurs pictures are Dino Monsters with a warrior themed effect . All the pictures of Dinosaurs here are created as 3D model then photoshop retouching and finally combustion works for some dinos.

3D Dinosaurs Pictures Gallery

Extinct Dinosaurs Pictures ( Walking With Dinosaurs – Dino Monsters by G martin )

Illustration Designs Fantasy : Monster With a Girl
This is a Mixed Hybrid Creature having a Girl – the Girl makes some kind of magic to create a Sword in Her Right Hand – a Fantasy illustration Work .

Triceratops dinosaur Pictures ( 3d Modeled – the background Nature picture was from the authors near by forest  – for this he got red ants bites . Hard Work Pays : ) Really )
A Human Body and Animal Head Face Mixed Funny Creature  – 3d Pictures ( 3d model photoshop retouching and illustration desgin )

Credits : Damir G martin – Character Designer from crotia – having 5 to 6 years of  experience in this field with lovely creativity .