Balloon Flowers

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Balloon flowers with a scientific name – Platycodon grandiflorus

why these flowers are named as balloon flowers ? – in the early bud stage of these flowers , they look similar to the hot air balloons and so they get the name as balloon . this flower mostly comes in a bluish purple color and light pinkish white color . these flowering pants are perennial and they peak in the spring to summer season . these plants can grow up to 12 to 40inches in height . these  plants love sunlight – but in case of hot summer please add shading for them.

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pictures of balloons flowers : These flowers originated in Asia . balloon flowers grow well in drained soil with a little acidic nature soil . these flowers can be planted along the garden borders as they are perfect over there . these flowering plants propagation is done with seeding or they can be propagated by divisional method in spring season . as these balloon flowers are perennial flowers , the good time is spring to summer for division method of propagation .

some updates on balloon flower plants ( from site’s visitor Tharun Andra Pradesh India ) :
balloon flowers These cute perennials are easy to grow and they bloom in profusion until late summer where the other perennials will be fading  . these are care free perennials and pick out the flowers when they fade this will encourage more blooms on the plant . these balloons flowers are also called as Chinese bellflowers. ( coz  they look like bell in shape – just as we call they look like balloons )

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More balloons flower pictures can be downloaded at below destination :

perennial balloon flower pink 5482 balloon flower 5482
Chinese bellflower  balloon flower 545 balloon flower 545
perennial balloon flower blue 541 balloon flower 541
Chinese bellflower  balloon flower 5662 balloon flower 5662
platycodon grandiflorus balloon flower 5632 balloon flower 5632
platycodon grandiflorus balloon flower 5542 balloon flower 5542
platycodon grandiflorus balloon flower 5602 balloon flower 5602
platycodon grandiflorus balloon flower pink 5422 balloon flower 5422
blue balloon flower plants 5572 balloon flower 5572