Creative Small kitchen design for Comfortness

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Small kitchen Design Ideas and Simple storage solution guide –  pay an alternative way for people like us – who would like to throw away the clutters from their small kitchen space . as most of the people choose apartment kind of life kitchens are getting much small . forcing us to work on it and find out a creative storage solutions for our small kitchens. following things may us some where and sure check out the small kitchen design gallery .

Today almost all kitchen appliance manufacturers are coming up with effective and compact kitchen appliances – which are good in saving space for a small kitchen . so choosing refrigerators with less depth and hanging appliances or utensils at a comfortable and compact position will aid us in space conservation.

Using proper lighting : yes positioning light source at dark places of kitchen will help in creating an illusion of large kitchen . means placing delighting light source under the cabinets and countertops makes our small kitchen to appear more spacious and interesting place wot work on .

instead of covered cabinets ( wooden doors cabinets) choosing glass type of doors for kitchen cabinets will add a pleasing effect and sure don’t go for a dark themed kitchen cabinets – as they will make small kitchen seems to be even small.

similar to Kitchen cabinets choosing light colored kitchen flooring tiles and a diagonal placement will provide a spacious  kitchen feel .

To add a star Kitchen style and to save our cabinet space hanging pots and utensils is a best idea – one of a good storage tip . having a pantry kind of cabinets is a good one too as we can place the often used items at a comfortable height and rarely use items in top – this too gives us some space in our small  Kitchen.

Instead hinged doors using folding or sliding type of kitchen doors are good for a small kitchen – as these don’t block or use up the kitchen space.

Small Kitchen Design

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