Small Kitchen Design Ideas – Updates

Pinned on August 19, 2011 by Sairu

To Have a Functional and Effective Kitchen we have to look out for three core areas – Appliances , room lighting + color and finally available storage .

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchen designs, small kitchen design ideas

Before remodeling our small kitchen – better we shall measure the available storage areas , room size and what kind of appliances can fit in the space . then reconsider about the change the size of the appliances and arrangements . though it may seem to be a challenging , once settle with perfect idea and design – the final outcome is  functional and Effective Kitchen .

Look out for Cute and compact kitchen appliances which fit our small kitchen . for example instead of choosing a deeper fridge , we can choose a fridge with more storage space  and height . altering the way we look our small kitchen space – utilizing the upper side .

Having a working triangle design will aid us in cooking and save our time . means by placing the refrigerator and cooking spot and kitchen sinks at ideal place .try considering the different kinds of kitchen which remodeling ours . like lengthy kithens , island kitchen , parallel kitchen ,galley kitchen and others ..

hanging pots and pans on walls and using a pantry kind of racks to store the unused utenils on top of the rack . placing tiles in diagonal style also add  visually more space and choosing the color of walls do the same . means use a chosing light colors for walls is good . add additional lights to our kitchen which give  decorative and attractive Small kitchen .
some small kitchen designs at treehugger