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Small kitchen ideas part # 2 : an update with more tips on remodeling our small kitchen . previously on our last blog post ( small kitchen tips ) we came across the basic notes before shopping kitchen items and we had a brief ideas on kitchen countertops , cabinets , sinks and small kitchen appliances . one important point to be repeated about appliances is – going for compact kitchen appliances is good , but never compromise with your comfort . we have also seen about
kitchen backsplash ideas
too ( types of kitchen backsplash and selection according to kitchen theme ).

5 small Kitchen remodel tips : cabinets remodeling – tips on flooringselecting countertops back to backsplashpainting colors , sinks & fixtures .

Small kitchen ideas # 01 -Remodeling tips

Buying new cabinets ?
one of most expensive item while remodeling a kitchen is cabinets – if they are completely new , then it cost us even more . try painting or stain for the kitchen cabinets . though you choose paint or stain for cabinets , dont forget to degrease them before you paint or stain then go for a hardware purchase ( replacing our old hardware doesn’t cost much – optional ) which gives a new look for the cabinets . all these things cost us around $90 . thus we saved handsome money .

Ideas for Small Kitchen flooring :
if we have some idea & can handle tools , then we can install the tiles by ourselves – as this saves the labor cost . laying tiles is time consuming but not a hard job to be done  (note sure allot –  solid two days for laying tiles ). even we can go for wood or laminated wood flooring for our small kitchen . they give us warmth and easy to install (tongue-and-groove construction ). simplest of all is the peel and stick laminate flooring , but they dont last long – not durable as wood or tiles . dont choose hard or dark color for small kitchen tiles , as they show our small kitchen even smaller .

Small kitchen countertops tips
Here comes the big guy – if we are to buy new countertops it is highly expensive , it is even high if we are planning for the granite kind of kitchen countertops . though they are expensive people are going for it . if we have pre budget then we can go for laminate countertops as they are affordable than choosing granite or manufactured stone tops . another easy option is going for concrete countertops , money saver and durable .

Kitchen backsplash ideas
here comes the creative slot . we have lot of options while shopping for a kitchen backsplashes – glass , metallic,granite , stainless steel , marbles , mosaic with glass and even the material of the countertop itself is used . we can try painted tiles , mural arts , jagged style mosaics for creating a pleasant experience for cooking . though this takes a solid money from our pocket – they are worthy to do to creative finish touch .

Ideas on Sinks fixtures & painting colors for kitchen :
go for neutral colors and even brighter ones is suggested , as than enhance the small room and provide light flow . even we can paint the kitchen walls white ( if you are not a white fan try other ) . on choosing sinks going for stainless steel sinks is suggested choice with no upkeep and affordable . new fixtures and sinks sure give you whole remodeled feel . while hunting for small kitchen appliances keep in mind about functionality & space saving appliances .
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Small Kitchen ideas – remodeling designs