Small Kithchen Design

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small kitchen designs to Choose : if are with a spacious kitchen we can go for whatever arrangements or which ever brand and size of appliances for our kitchen – being in small kitchen for apartments and single house , we have to design a easy work triangle with our style from the options available . we are to see some common kitchen design layouts for easy access . on this blog update we are to look at kitchen designs and for others – like painting colors , cabinets , countertop and backsplash ideas try our archives in interior design ideas

What is a work triangle design : ( kitchen design layout ) this a easy layout plan which connects cooking top – fridge and sink . as these three are most often accessed areas of our kitchen they should be at much closer.the 4 most often used layout designs are U shaped , L shape , island kitchen layouts & parallel designs for small kitchen . we must make use of the space available and try to make out kitchen visually bigger than in real . check the below images for kitchen design layouts

Small Kitchen Design

Parallel Designs Kitchens :

Name: Small kitchen Design small kitchen ideas size: 67.16 kB 622x424pxsmall kitchen design ideas
This is one of the often used design for small kitchens in individual houses or apartments . we can have them straight line kitchens or cabinets on either side of walk path . this type of design is also called as straight kitchen and these days this is used in most of apartments .

U Shape :

Name: small kitchen ideas urax483 small kitchen ideas

U shape Kitchen Design : this shape is ideal if we have the space for that design – this layout has a continent storage space and working triangle . above picture is just a example – also check out our previous topics on small kitchen ideas for more design pictures .

L Shaped Kitchen Designs :

small kitchen ideas 2
Above picture may be for large kitchen – but we just want to show this for our theme about L shaped kitchen . the L shaped kitchen make us feel having extra space and this can be suited for either small kitchen or for large designs too . even we can have a provision to have our breakfast here itself .

Island style Kitchens :

We cant get into this design for our small kitchen – only on our wish we are to adapt this design . as this design is mostly used in large kitchens and for people who like open kitchens . These are spacious and optimal for storage . we sure plan the working triangle for this design ( to plan for kitchen items arrangement ).

this part 2 update on small kitchen ideas 2 may also provide us some design ideas with the picture gallery – if you are having a small bathroom you may be interested with our small bathroom remodel ideas too ..

Tips of Small Kitchen Design

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