4 Pictures of Butterfly

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BUTTERFLY PICTURES & Info : all pictures of butterfly are suitable for widescreen and normal desktops. use the download button to download high resolution butterfly photos.

Orange colored butterfly sitting on a pink flower with black blurred backgrounds – HQ butterfly pictures

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( @ flickr )pink flower butterfly photo butterfly pictures

Beautiful Orange Butterfly sitting on mini flowers : Butterfly pictures

butterfly pictures , butterfly photo
( @ flickr ) orange butterfly pictures macro butterfly photo

Butterfly pictures  – Butterfly sitting on a green leaf – pictures of butterfly

butterfly pictures , butterfly photo
( flickr ) download butterfly pictures butterfly photo

butterfly pictures : Butterfly sitting on a yellow flower
butterfly photo , yellow flowers , butterfly pictures

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Butterflies belong to herbivorous group – they can taste with their legs , a normal butterfly weighs not more than in milligrams but they can travel at speed of 12kmph. since butterflies are cold blooded they can fly as the temperature turns worse , 15C – 45C temperature is best for them to fly . one amazing thing with monarch butterflies is they travel nearly 4500 km in their life span , a butterfly lives for 6 to 8 months on average. yes these beautiful bugs cant even celebrate their birthday.hats off to these butterflies for their confidence and long journey ( yes  to decorate earth & put a smile on our face too..)