Lovely Examples of Macro photography

Pinned on February 1, 2010 by Sairu

Beautiful macro photography examples : most of the photos are are themed on nature and insect macro photography – the art of getting closer and even larger for clear feature details on whatever – flower , grass , dew drops , insects or any object . sometimes we can be choosy – means we can select almost 10 or something out of 100 – but in this case i cant leave the shots . mostly all the pics are lovely – i have just added 39 examples of macro photography , but there are tons and tons of pro macro photo shots are left out untouched . I’ll be covering more and more posts themed on this topic – simply i can  “im loving it“.

39 macro photography picture gallery

One on Insects macro photography
Fruits kiwi fruit – closer photography
Cherries and water bubbles – fruits macro photography
Nature themed macro photos – flowers pictures
Flowers and dew drops on it -macro flowers photography

White flower photos in closeup and blurred background

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Art of macro photography -39 closeup photography examples .