HDR Photography

Pinned on July 30, 2009 by Sairu

17 stunning Hdr photography :  it is from Dave hill – actually his H photography gallery contains a lot more than this , but i have  just selected 17 of them to show over here . each of these HDR photos has it own way to express and attract – so none of them is less than the other .  to reach the final professional touch they are working too hard on that – as this needs lots of process and patience . i have added link to his photography site – if you are there sure make a visit to the “behind the scenes ” of these Hdr photos.

Dave Hill Stunning HDR Photography

Even i saw some WWE Stars HDR photos –  john cena , rey misterio , triple H and more.. all of them were cool and classic . out of these 17 photos – i have two favorite Hdr photographty scenes . one is the cowboy dressed man and another one is the girl in the classic bike dragging  a boy  with lamp . but i dont mean they are the best its just that i like those photos. His website link : Davehill to top