9 Cute Kitten Pictures -Sharp Eyes & Sweet Expression

Pinned on June 26, 2009 by Sairu

Pictures of kitten : out of these 9 pictures i have 3 favorites – Kitten 02 , 03 & 06 . First one with deep zoom to the kitten’s nose – clear bristles , 2nd a cute kitten looking with a fear and poor face -but he is the cutest ,3rd a group having their rest at garden – the picture is lovely because of its attractive colors , 4th kitten- he is cute too – I feel him like a lion ready for hunt . all the kitten pictures are of high resolution use the link at pictures

9 Pictures of Cute Kittens :

Kitten 8 & 5 have their own descriptions . no6 kitten is cute and active playing at the wide open area , kitten 9 teaches us something …yes to wash our hands before we eat . some of these kitten pictures are from deviant art and flickr. all the kittens are available at high resolution use the download link.

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