Abstract Picture : 30 Artisitic & Creative Speaking Abstract Pictures

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30 Abstract Picture gallery: the below set of abstract pictures are the most downloaded & liked by most of people around internet. Abstract art : creating an abstract picture is kind of art – it is just like a speaking language we use – the designers convey the core in a visual language with colors & shapes . abstract meaning & the expression comes from the form shape & color .

Abstract pictures gallery


Abstract World ( non existent world – creative abstract pictures )


Abstract Pictures : 30 Creative Pictures

Abstract pictures abstract waves
abstract waves wp
Abstract pictures A cup of coffee
A cup of coffee
Abstract pictures chocolate
chocolate heart abstract pictures 
Abstract pictures time for new leaves
time for new leaves pictures abstract
Abstract pictures Electric Guitar Desktop
Electric Guitar Desktop
Abstract pictures Ecosystem
Ecosystem abstract pictures 
Abstract pictures smoked cigarette
smoked cigarette
Abstract pictures green drops
green drops
Abstract pictures ducks soup
ducks soup
Abstract pictures honeycomb structure
honeycomb structure
Abstract pictures alice in wonder land
alice in wonder land
Abstract pictures girl eyes Grief
girl eyes Grief
Abstract pictures abstract circles
abstract circles
Abstract pictures colorful
Abstract pictures Taste creation
Taste creation
Abstract pictures round green shape
round green shape
Abstract pictures magic soup
magic soup
Abstract pictures digital vector flowers
digital vector flowers
Abstract pictures Earth Day
Earth Day
Abstract pictures Old Boat
Old Boat
Abstract pictures Abstract desktop
Abstract desktop
Abstract pictures door to dreams
door to dreams wp
Abstract pictures onyx
Abstract pictures abstract design
abstract design
Abstract pictures Tranquility Beach Moonrise
Tranquility Beach Moonrise
Abstract pictures Utopian World
Utopian World
Abstract pictures X Mas
X Mas
Abstract pictures Abstract Cool
Abstract Cool
Abstract pictures sfondo2
Abstract pictures FlyingWorld

Abstract pictures in View of a viewer : what does this abstract picture want to convey me , what are the elements used in this abstract art , what are the emotions does this picture evoke in my self , does the artist’s title about the abstract picture and does my concept about that picture is same … these are the questions that a viewer mostly asks himself on viewing a abstract picture.

Abstract pictures gallery in a Artist’s View : do i want to convey any message to the people through this abstract art – if so what is the theme i want to convey , should i give the picture any title – or shall i leave them like ” let them get the concept and title to have unique ” , does it affect me when a viewer get the concept wrong or if he just skips away . these were mostly on artist’s  view on a abstract picture

Creative minds : arts abstract pictures gallery