African lion Pictures

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African lion pictures

Two Lions on a Rock African Lion Pictures

pictures of African lions – Picture of a Lion in Closeup Lion Facts | About mountain lions

Lion Pictures – Wild Cats

African lion pictures 249    African lion pictures 204    African lion pictures 258    African lion pictures 240    African lion pictures 186    African lion pictures 276    African lion pictures 195    African lion pictures 222    African lion pictures 231    African lion pictures 267    African lion pictures 213

11 African lion Pictures

something about African lions : African lion are the ones that live in groups and we call that lion groups as prides – normally a pride consists of 3 male lions and 8 lioness . female lions are the primary hunters of the prides – while the females lions are on duty the male lions take care of the babies – they are very vigorous in protecting their cubs . generally they play a large game – i mean mostly these lions hunt down huge prey like zebras and antelopes . coz they have to feed that whole pride . these females move in group to prey . as the African lion cubs grows they move and establish their own pride .

African lion Pictures
African Lion hunting Video
do you how lions hunt with their magnetic eyes – if you never seen such things – then see these two African lions hunting a gazzle

African lion pictures

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Lion Pictures

15 Pictures of lion – dominating cats in wild .

After the Siberian tigers , Lions are the huge cats – on an average lion weight up to 270kg with a length of 3.3M including tail and a female lion ( lioness ) she weighs from 180 -200 with length of 2.7m and height of 1m and male lions with 1.2m.Lions define their territory and stay within that and it has some kind of marks for those territory. as the lion cubs grow up they form their own pride and move on. sometimes some lion live alone for life – average life span of a lion is 15 years in case of captive it may live up to 25 years.
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lions pictures lion pride 393
lions pictures lion pride 393

African lions pictures lion pride 456
lions pictures lion pride 456

Pictures of  lion pride 357
lions pictures lion pride 357

African lions pictures lion pride 447
lions pictures lion pride 447

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