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Elephant pictures
largest of land mammals . use the below elephant photos gallery to download elephant pictures at high resolution for desktop wallpapers.previously we came across other high quality pictures of wild animals – yes 10 jaguar pictures and one more on 14 different types of wild animals pictures and this my second update on elephants . as i have already added a post on the African wildlife – African elephants ( that contains 9 average quality pictures of African elephants ) . soon i will be with an update on more Asian elephants and some photos on baby elephants too ( kids love baby elephants – as they are naughty and cute )  .
Elephant pictures : if we are in search more pictures of animals we can look over here animals pictures
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elephants photos # 1 –
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An elephant picture from wwf – saving wildlife for extinction ( define:wwf world wildlife fund or world wide fund for nature )

Elephants picture gallery

largest animals on earth – elephants pictures : African elephants are are the larger than normal Asian elephants and they grow taller and gather more pounds in weight . these elephants have huge ears . unlike some mammals on land elephants have longer pregnancy time .other than elephant pictures are you collecting wild animals photos – if so this giraffe picture gallery may you in your wild animal collection . hey an interesting one – have you heard of elephant ears – other than the meaning the ear of the elephant , there are plants in rain forest and spread across planet earth – where the plants leaf resemble ears of the elephant .

one more update on elephants : there are festivals themed on elephants – yes in India in Jaipur , kerala & in Tamilnadu . where  elephants are decorated with gold and ornamental cloths , then these cute elephants make cat walk and finally elephant polo and in Jaipur atlast these elephants celebrate holi ( colorful festival in India ). i have also heard about elephant festivals in Thailand too.. ( where elephants are the center of attraction for that day ). as i already said ill be soon with a update on Asian and baby elephant pictures.