Yummy Desktop- Barbecues galore – sauce -grills

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Barbecues galore – sauce -grills -Yummy Desktop

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About Barbecues galore – sauce -grills

Info : ( reference wikipedia)

In British English usage, barbecuing and grilling refer to a fast cooking process directly over high heat, whilst grilling also refers to cooking under a source of direct, high heat–known in the US and Canada as broiling. In US English usage, however, grilling refers to a fast process over high heat whilst barbecuing refers to a slow process using indirect heat and/or hot smoke. For example, in a typical US home ‘grill’, food is cooked on a grate directly over hot charcoal; while in a US ‘barbecue’, the coals are dispersed to the sides or at significant distance from the grate.

Alternatively, an apparatus called a smoker with a separate fire box may be used. Hot smoke is drawn past the meat by convection for very slow cooking. This is essentially how barbecue is cooked in most US ‘barbecue’ restaurants, but nevertheless many consider this to be a distinct cooking process called smoking.

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