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Nature Pictures : 18 HQ mountain wallpapers . this is my update on mountain pictures – previously i have added four posts only themed on mountain wallpaper alone .  yesterday i came across a lovely photography work while searching for something else unrelated to this one  – got impressed by a snow spring photo which got turned and took diversion and finally landed on this mountain wallpaper update . scroll down to reach the mountain  photo gallery and if are to check  previous mountain wallpapers ( yes that has different resolution options – as this dont have ) use this four widescreen mountain wallpapers and yes you be also interested with this landscape wallpaper gallery too (which contain 25 1920×1200 resolution wallpapers – as most of my nature pictures visitors also visited this one ). Scroll Down to gallery

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Mountain pictures

Mountain wallpaper 01 tagged under mountain – nature pics

Mountain wallpapers 02 -i know this is not a mountain pic , but this is the Picture Which diverted me  to create a update on mountain pics

A romantic night shot –  moon & mountain with a pleasant calm night .

freezing mountain wallpaper – a illustration art work from deviant art . the cat retouched as a majestic lion .

Mountain wallpaper gallery

18 HQ 1280 resolution nature wallpapers

Mountain pictures

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