Nature Wallpaper – Bright leaf & Green Leaves Pictures- HQ Pictures of leaves

Pinned on December 5, 2008 by Sairu

Below Pictures of leaves are of high resolution and the one right below is a banana leaf and this is a resized preview picture for wallpaper – we can download leaves pictures at high resolution of 1600 1200 ( scroll down)

Banana Leaves & Nature Wallpaper – Green Leaves Pictures

Download these green leaves pictures @ 1600 1200 resolution – use the link named download wallpaper at the destination of leaf pictures

nature-wallpaper165.jpggreen leaf nature-wallpaper165.jpg
Green leaves pictures
nature-wallpaper158.jpg , 1600 x 1200 Green leaves pictures nature-wallpaper158.jpg
nature-wallpaper166.jpggreen leaf nature-wallpaper166.jpg
nature-wallpaper168.jpggreen leaf nature-wallpaper168.jpg

Deep zoomed View of leaf pictures with veins – leaves and leaf pictures for download: Nature wallpaper

Banana Leaves , and closeup view of leaves with bright light from sun in background – nature wallpaper

Banana leaf pictures
nature-wallpaper161.jpg , 1600 x 1200 nature-wallpaper161.jpg

Fall leaves pictures
Fall leaves pictures – fall leaves Pictures, fall leaves Images

fresh mint leavesfresh mint leaves pictures

leaves on white || canon350d/efs60 | 1/200s | f5 | ISO400 |  handheld
leaf pictures with dew drops on leaves – Courtesy : topleftpixel

fall-leaves.jpgfall-leaves.jpg from targetx