Pictures of Pinapples and Papaya – Fruits Pictures – 3 nature photos

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Pictures of fruits – papaya pictures and pineapple pictures – wallpaper version of these pictures will be added soon this is just for pictures show – sorry to disappoint you, but we can have a skin care solution with these fruits – Please go to bottom ( as we cant disturb the picture viewers with that skin care tip)…

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Sliced Papaya Pictures

Pineapples and apples pictures , 3 nature photos

Pineapples – Pineapple in a yellow background

pineapple pictures , pineapple in a white background , fruits

Pineapples : yet another pineapple in white background

Skin care : With Papaya or pineapples ( anyone of them is good )

How fruits like papaya or pineapples help in skin care :

enzymes present in these fruits helps to fight free-radical damage and they do reduce age spots and fine lines and make our skin supple. They dissolve the dead cells in skin’s surface and cleanse our skin.

What we need :

some slices of Papaya or juicy paste of papaya
some slices of pineapples or pineapple juicy paste is enough
now use anyone of them and rub ( in massage way rounding ) in a gentle way and feel it in your inner self that it cures and makes you younger ( this helps in relaxing and stress freeness and keeps your mind young ). you may feel this paste to be sticky but allow it to dry ( around 10- 12 minutes ) and then wash with lukewarm water – Now go for a touch you will feel the difference – ahhhh this is it…
okay if something goes wrong please do consult your doctor – as some people’s skin may be too sensitive …
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